Discover more about our origin

ICECOOL appliances are produced in the largest factory in Europe by Vestel. Vestel is one of the leading European manufacturers of household appliances, as well as any consumer electronic device.

All ICECOOl appliances are designed and manufactured with the most modern technologies attending to rigorous quality controls.

Through the application of a management system based on the ISO 9001 standard that regulates all processes related to the analysis of customer demand, market research, design, production, after-sales services and their sub-processes, ICECOOL aims to maximize customer satisfaction.

Under its environmental policy, ICECOOL is committed to ensuring continuous improvement in terms of the environment, prevention of pollution, and compliance with related regulations and administrative provisions, together with:

  • Take environmental factors into account in the evaluation of new products, projects and operations.
  • The decrease of hazardous materials during the design of the product and the manufacturing phases and the search for less polluting materials, in accordance with the corresponding directives of the European Union (RoHS, REACH, etc ...) and local regulations.
  • Carrying out studies to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover waste.
  • Help save energy, water and natural resources by increasing the efficiency and use of new technologies.
  • The use of recycled packaging material.
  • Work in the organization of activities to create environmental awareness and the allocation of sufficient and adequate resources for it.

With its environmental policy, ICECOOL aims at an attitude where it protects and increases the quality of life of its employees and customers.

Here we leave you a video in which you can see the entire manufacturing process of our appliances. From the R & D department where the designs are made, to the various quality tests that pass each of our designs.