Icecool manufactures its products in one of the largest and most modern plants in Europe where attention is paid to the details and they go through a series of deep and extensive quality controls.

At Icecool, we are fully convinced of the quality and durability of our home appliances and we want you to be satisfied with your new appliance. Because of this, your appliance is covered for two years by our standard warranty.

If still, you are in a situation in which the appliance does not work properly, Icecool has one of the largest technical assistance networks in Spain. You can call our technical service at any time, which will try to help you in the best and fastest way possible.



You have purchased a high-quality appliance from the Icecool brand. Your new appliance has been manufactured with the greatest attention in one of the largest and most modern production lines in Europe and has gone through multiple quality controls.

In case of failure, this appliance is covered by an extensive warranty and with a simple call you can contact the official Technical Service network.

For a period of 2 years after the date of purchase (purchase ticket or invoice essential) this warranty covers travel, labor and parts for the repair of the device, according to the conditions specified in this document.

At Icecool we want you to be satisfied with your new appliance. To avoid damage to the device, we recommend reading the instruction manual and the advice for the correct installation and start-up.